Africa & Middle East

Sample of Activities

  • Made homemade peanut butter (general Africa)
  • Played mancala game (general Africa)
  • Made cartuches of our names (Egypt)
  • Built pyramids (Egypt)
  • Danced the Egyptian snake dance (Egypt)
  • Created khamsas, or "lucky hands" (Morocco)
  • Played Kanga relay (Eastern Africa)
  • Played the Limbo game (Eastern Africa)
  • Made Adinkra symbol stamping art (Western Africa)
  • Acted out the African folktale "The Hatseller and the Monkeys" (Western Africa)
  • Wove Zulu baskets (Southern Africa)
  • Made sweet potato cookies (Southern Africa)

Cafe Day Menu

South African Meal

  • Bobotie (ground beef pie)
  • Peanut Bread
  • Green beans
  • Mangos
  • Krakelinge (almond cookies)
  • Ginger Ale

East Africa Meal

  • KuKu Paka (coconut chicken with potatoes)- Kenya
  • Injera (flatbread)- Ethiopia
  • Fsolia (green beans and carrots)- Ethiopia
  • Banana smoothies with yogurt- Tanzania

West African Meal

  • Chicken with groundnut (peanut) sauce
  • Fufu (mashed yams)
  • Fried Plantains
  • Paw Paw (papaya) juice

North African Meal

  • Egyptian yogurt salad
  • Pita bread
  • Tagine of lamb with apricots
  • Couscous
  • Oranges in rosewater with cinnamon