Daily Schedule

7:30-9:00- Free Choice Activities/ Open Snack in the Kitchen

9:00-9:20- Morning Meeting

9:20-10:05- Free Choice Inside with Open Snack and Open Art in the Kitchen

10:05-10:15- Morning Music

10:15-11:00- Small Group Time

11:00-12:00- Outside Free Choice Time

12:00-12:05- Wash Hands for Lunch

12:05-12:25- Lunch

12:25-12:45- Bathroom Time and Settling into our Beds

12:45-2:15- Rest Time

1:30-2:15- Quiet Activities for non-Sleepers

2:15-2:30- Clean-Up Beds and Bathroom

2:30-3:30- Enrichments (2 rotating groups)

Monday- Science with Windy/Arts and Crafts with Karen

Tuesday- Spanish with Cecilia/Arts and Crafts with Karen

Wednesday- Storytelling with Michael/ Yoga with Karen

Thursday- Arts and Crafts with Karen/Music and Movement with Jennifer

Friday- Project Friday- Focused Learning Activities Based on our Themes from the Week

3:30-3:45- Afternoon Snack

3:45-5:00- Outside Free Choice

5:00-5:30- Quiet inside play, clean up, last goodbyes