North America

Sample of Activities

  • Ran a mock-Iditarod race (Alaska)
  • Played Inuit "Blanket Toss" game with dolls
  • Sang "Provinces of Canada" song (Canada)
  • Decorated our own totem poles (Northwest Native American)
  • Tried weaving baskets (Pomo tribe / California Native American)
  • Danced the rain dance(Southwest Native American)
  • Played with our adobe playhouse (Southwest Native American)
  • Made dreamcatchers (Plains Native American)
  • Played in our outdoor Tee-Pees (Plains Native America)
  • Learned about and discovered fun things about corn (Native America)
  • Created small pieces of pottery (Zuni tribe / Southwest Native American)
  • Shared many Native American legends during story time
  • Decorated an altar for Dias De Los Muertos (Mexico)
  • Made sugar skulls to celebrate Dias De Los Muertos (Mexico)
  • Made paper flowers (Mexico)
  • Played music with maracas (Mexico)
  • Built pyramids with blocks (Mexico / Guatemala)
  • Played with "Worry dolls" (Guatemala)

Cafe Day Menus

Native American Meal

  • Navajo Fry Bread (made by children)
  • Zuni Succotash (Corn, green beans, chicken, red peppers)
  • Blue corn chips
  • Fresh pears
  • Wild berries juice

Tastes of the Far North

  • "Caribou" stew with vegetables
  • Wild blueberry muffins
  • "Raw" fish (smoked salmon)
  • Dried "reindeer" meat (beef jerky)
  • Cold herb tea

Fiesta Sampler (Mexico)

  • Tamales
  • Quesadillas
  • Guacamole (made by children)
  • Nopalitos (cactus)
  • Mango
  • Horchata (rice beverage)
  • Pan dulce (sweet bread)